OpenMange failure after update

If you use the OpenManage tools from Dell to monitor the server hardware maybe with nagios or something else. You may have notice the after an update from the OpenManage Tools showing something like the following error. UNKNOWN: Storage Error! No controllers found UNKNOWN: Problem running 'omreport chassis memory': Error: Memory object not found UNKNOWN: Problem running 'omreport chassis fans': Error! No fan probes found on this system. UNKNOWN: Problem running 'omreport chassis temps': Error! [Read More]


I often need timestamp on the commandline or in scripts to save files with the exact time. In the shell you can easy get a unix timestamp when you enter the following command: date +%s You can now simple save a mysqldump from with the exact time in the filename. mysqldump DATABSE > DATABASE-`date +%s`.sql Also you are able to create a bash/zsh alias for the timestamp. Just put the follwing line in your shell configuration: [Read More]

add extra swap space

Why i need swap Swap is space on the hard disk to where the operating system can store data the does not fit on in the memory any more. The Swap Space is part of the virtual memory. Every time when the system runs out of memory, the operating system begins the write the old and not often used part from memory to the swap pace on the hard drive. [Read More]

package from which yum repo

Last week i have a problem with yum, i want so see what packages are include in a repository. This is not easy with yum, so i will share the trick here. You simple need the following commandline. yum --disablerepo="*" --enablerepo="$REPO" list available This tell yum to disable all repositories and only enable that one you want to know and list alle packages for this repository. With the following command yum will show you all os it’s repos: [Read More]