My zinit zsh setup

I am switch now a couple of years from bash to zsh and never regrets the decision. Even apple move finally in 2019 from bash to zsh.

The probaly biggest advantage from zsh are the many community projects build with and around them for example oh-my-zsh. I also started with oh-my-zsh I used it your one or two year after that I go with a more homebrew solution.


I my current setup I use zinit as plugin manager. It helps me to keep all my zsh plugins up to date without managing many plunins as submodules in my dotfiles repository.

You can simple self upgrade zinit with the following command:

zinit self-update

Also you can update all the plugins with:

zinit update


I used as pure as prompt it is really fast and also looks awesome. I really like the minimal approach.

other Plugins that I used

LS_COLORS: In this package are color definition for ls to add a bit more color to the shell.

zsh-extract: extract is a small function do the work for gzip, tar, rar and many more.

fast-syntax-highlighting: This plugin highlight the zsh syntax on the fly when writing shell code

forgit: is a small tool the implemt useful commands build on top of fzf

You can find my whole configuration in my dotfiles repository on github.

There is a link to the website of zsh. Great projects need no fancy website!