Time for a new Laptop

After over 8 years of use it is time to send my old MacBook Pro(2010) in pension. At time to have a look on the new notebooks on the market. After some month of research I have finial my new Desktop Setup and I go with Linux on the Desktop.

New desktop setup

My new laptop is a Thinkpad T480 with Debian running on it.

There a some facts over the laptop: * Intel i5 8250U (8 cores) * 16 GB of RAM * 512 GB of NVME Storage * Intel Graphics 620

Why went away from apple

First of all I like my Macbook Pro very much. I work percet all the years and is still quiet fast. But I have a lot of concerns about Apples decisions. There a a short list of the importens point. * To expensive (In Germany a Macbook Pro 15” start at around 2700€, my Thinkpad costs under 1300€. This gap is to huge even for a great laptop.) * Keyboard Problem(I don’t know how many decades why use keyboard. I can not understand how you can release such a crappy keyboard in 2018) * No ESC key (Yes I use vim…) * not really support from apple on the commandline. For near everything you need homebrew. * No great package manager. (Mac AppStore, download from website, homebrew, no single way to install software.) * No focus on the mac. (Apple spent most of their enery in the development of the iPhone and not to the mac)

Linux On the desktop

Of couse Linux on the desktop is at the start a lot of pain, but after the first setup I just runs really stable. I switch to linux on the desktop because of the following reasons: * Good support for developing(all importend libaries packaged) * stable OS

Why Debian

I try also Arch, Manjaro but at the end I stick with Debian, because Debian a total stable OS with nice community support. You will find documentation, HowTo for near everything in the internet. Also their is a large number of prebuild packages available. I like apt very much and think is one of the best package manager out their.

There are some more posts about my new laptop: https://blog.stderror.net/post/installing-linux-on-t480/