Fortinet CheatSheet

Hi, this is my fortinet CheatSheet created for version 5.6: General Information NTP Status diagnose sys ntp status ARP table diagnose ip arp list routing table show active routing table get router info routing-table all show all configured routes get router info routing-table database show NAT table get system session list VPN Phase1 show phase1 diag vpn ike gateway list name <name_of_phase1> clear phase1 diag vpn ike gateway clear name <name_of_phase1> Phase2 show phase2 diag vpn tunnel list name <name_of_phase1> bring phase2 up/down diag vpn tunnel up <name_of_phase2> diag vpn tunnel down <name_of_phase2> reset phase2 diag vpn tunnel reset <name_of_phase1> show vpn logs diagnose debug reset # reset the debug settings diagnose vpn ike log-filter clear # clear the logfilter diagnose vpn ike log-filter dst-addr4 <REMOTE_VPN_GATEWAY_IP> # set a filter to only show logs to the given gateway diagnose debug app ike 255 # set the IKE log level to 255 (loglevel below) diagnose debug enable # enable the debug log diagnose debug disable # disable the debug log IKE log level -1 or 255 means all message of debug in Phase1/2. [Read More]