How to lock for i3 computer

I have two method to lock my screen. One is to close just the cover from my T480. And the second is to just press and hotkey. i3lock I use the i3 own screenlocker tool i3lock. It is really soild and only do the needful. Nothing more no bloat. There the basic i3lock command I use: i3lock -i ~/.config/i3/lock.png -f -i give the picture shown from i3lock -f show the number of failed attempts Lock i3 with hotkey I simply bind the lock function to F12. [Read More]

startup process from my Desktop Linux

I will just explain how my laptop startup look like. One boot process from grub to login. I use Laptop only for me so I don’t have to take care for multiuser. I try no make the boot process as minimal as possible. And require as well user interaction as possible. Grub First of all I will use grub as my bootloader to load Linux itself. I setup the grub timeout to 0 get get a faster boot time. [Read More]

Installing Linux on T480

My setup I prefer a really minimal desktop setup. This give me the possibilty to understand most of my enviorment and in case of problem I can fast find and solve the problem. Antoher advantage is that I have more RAM free for caches and buffers, this makes the system even faster. I don’t use a display manager. I just use i3 as my Window Manager. To manage my network connections I use NetworkManager. [Read More]