How to lock for i3 computer

I have two method to lock my screen. One is to close just the cover from my T480. And the second is to just press and hotkey.


I use the i3 own screenlocker tool i3lock. It is really soild and only do the needful. Nothing more no bloat.

There the basic i3lock command I use:

i3lock -i ~/.config/i3/lock.png -f
  • -i give the picture shown from i3lock
  • -f show the number of failed attempts

Lock i3 with hotkey

I simply bind the lock function to F12. So I am able to really fast lock the computer, just by pressing one key. For that I just add one line to my i3 config file.

bindsym F12   exec i3lock -i ~/.config/i3/lock.png -f

Lock i3 by close the cover

Do do this I just created a systemd service that always run if the laptop goes to sleep state.


ExecStart=/usr/bin/i3lock -i /home/USERNAME/.config/i3/lock.png -f


To activate the service run:

systemctl enable i3lock.service

This method will only be used for single user systems, because I use a gloabl systemd unit