Disable debian system mails

Debian often send you local mail for updates or stuff like this, because I find it really annoying, if I get mail notification in my shell. This is stuff from the 80s and no longer needed on mordern system. To disable the local mails I just set a blackhole alias for my user to drop all this mails. I used this with the default debian exim config. Here is my /etc/aliases [Read More]
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Automatic search for new updates with apt

I had always the problem that my system don’t show me if updates are available. The most online howto just install the unattended-upgrades tool. But I don’t want to automatic install updates because I am running debian unstable and I want to have the control over my system. The good thing is that everything you need for this is already installed on a debian system. You just have to configure it. [Read More]
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My zinit zsh setup

I am switch now a couple of years from bash to zsh and never regrets the decision. Even apple move finally in 2019 from bash to zsh. The probaly biggest advantage from zsh are the many community projects build with and around them for example oh-my-zsh. I also started with oh-my-zsh I used it your one or two year after that I go with a more homebrew solution. zinit I my current setup I use zinit as plugin manager. [Read More]

My vim-plug setup

I change vim plugin manager form pathogen to vim-plug, because I want some plugin manager here that is still under active development. Also I want do get ride of the git submodules for all vim plugins. I search a bit around in the web and take the descision to go with vim-plug. What I like on vim-plug is that I can simple install and update the plugins direct in vim. [Read More]

Migrate From X to Wayland

I have watched the wayland now already for a long time. But I was afraid to switch on such a importent configuration in my desktop setup. Because I used i3 for long time now, because of that I want to switch direct to sway, but I don’t want to keep track of a self compiled sway, so I waited until sway get in Debian testing. This finially happens in the last month. [Read More]